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We enable our clients to make informed decisions that will set them up for long-term financial stability.
Why us?

Property ownership looks different for everyone.  From buying a first home to refinancing a fourth investment property and beyond, you probably have unique things that you need in a mortgage.  Sometimes you might even need a little guidance in figuring out what those things are.  There are so many moving parts in a mortgage that the entire process can seem a little daunting, especially if it's your first time.  Maybe your credit isn't perfect, maybe you just graduated from college, maybe one of a thousand other things happened where real estate and money working together just don't seem possible.  We've been there.


More than helping you finance your home, we are here to be a trusted long-term partner and advisor, because that's the service we would find the most value in ourselves.  With how quickly the mortgage industry changes, not everyone can just pick up the phone and call their parents for advice on a mortgage anymore. We want to enable our clients to make informed decisions that will set them up for long-term financial stability and success by helping them to understand the options for financing the nucleus of putting down roots: the home.

The difference

We are a proud mortgage broker and correspondent lender.  Mortgage brokers are independent small businesses that employ people in your community, help clients like you and are likely all around you.  We understand your community and local markets on a level that larger institutions can't. When it comes down to it, mortgage brokers are your best option as a consumer looking for financing on a property . Unlike banks, a mortgage broker can search dozens of banks and private lenders at the same time, giving you variety of programs, rates and creative solutions.  Furthermore, we specialize in knowing these programs and lenders inside and out.  We leverage our expertise to make your case to lenders, most of which are funding mortgages according to hundreds of guidelines that are a beautiful mess of government regulations, investor preferences and a little bit of wizardry.  It's our job to navigate the mortgage landscape for you and get your loan closed.  We don't get paid until your mortgage closes, no exceptions.  



When you walk into a bank and talk to a loan officer, that bank is the only one that can lend you that money, meaning that you are stuck within their programs, guidelines and criteria.  Often, this means that clients can fall through the cracks.  You could go to a couple different banks, maybe try an online lender, but the same problem still remains.  You could spend a lot of time doing your own research, comparing programs, talking to banks and ending up more confused than when you started.  Or you could call a mortgage broker.

Our promise!

We promise to help you understand what's going on with your mortgage.  Underwriters, conditions, CD's, LE's, escrows, title and everything else, knowledge is power.  More than helping you get into a mortgage, we promise to give you the tools to become a knowledgable consumer and move forward into the mortgage world confidently.

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