Alex Ruf

Mortgage Administrative Assistant

As a recent student-athlete graduate of Riverton High School, Alex is excited to dive into the mortgage industry and assist with important back-end processes that are essential to our growing company. When he's not working, you can find this Utah native reading a variety of captivating reads or drawing the next great art piece. He plans on using his niche for mathematics and sketching to major in Architecture at the University of Utah after he completes his generals at SLCC.

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Nicholas is a Texas native and recent graduate from the University of Alabama Manderson school of Business. Recently joining Equihome to round out the inhouse processing team, Nicholas is incredibly excited to be a part of the quickly growing and high performing Equihome Mortgage organization.  During his free time, he does his best to get out into nature, enjoying hunting, hiking, and mountaineering. Along with his adventurous spirit, he also likes spending time behind a good book, and trying to write the next great one.