Equihome Advantage

The path to financial freedom.

What is Equihome Advantage?

Equihome Advantage is our premiere refinance program that's been created to help individuals and families get out of debt and become financially free.


Increase your credit score tremendously within a couple of months of refinancing with Equihome Advantage.


Take advantage and save on your monthly payments by paying off all debts outside of your mortgage.

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Use your monthly savings towards your principal to pay off your home quicker and save on interest. This will enable you to invest, have an emergency fund, or even retire with your accrued equity in your home.

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Real Life Examples

We helped a family refinance with Equihome Advantage and saved them $1,589 a month on their monthly payments outside of the mortgage. They are planning to put their savings toward their principal on their home payment to own their home outright in a few years.

We helped an individual refinance with Equihome Advantage and save over $500 a month on her monthly payments. This paid off all her debt outside of her mortgage. She's planning on utilizing these savings as an emergency fund.