What is a Pre-Qualification?

A pre-qualification is a written approval (usually in the form of a letter) that a loan officer certifies that you can purchase a home at or below a certain value. After reviewing your financial situation (income, credit, monthly expenses etc.), your loan officer will make an early decision as to whether or not he/she believes that you can comfortably purchase a home at the price you are wanting.  

Why Is It A Good Idea?

Sellers and their realtors want to know that if they sign a sales contract for the property, the transaction has a high likelihood of closing.  By being able to show that you had an expert review your financial situation and say with confidence that you can afford to buy the home, you are showing the sellers that you are serious and have taken the first steps towards purchasing a home.  

See What You Qualify For

In order to get the process started and see what your buying power could be, filling out the form below is a great place to start! We will have one of our Loan Officers reach out to you shortly to talk about some programs that might be a good fit for you.