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We refer you to buyers who are ready to make offers.

Welcome to Keys.

The Keys Program


No Lead Fees

No Referral Fees

No Shared Marketing Fees


Work with our fully pre-approved 'ready to close' buyers.


Contribute 1% of your commission to the buyer's down payment.

Want hassle-free transactions? You got it.  

Want faster closings? We can do that.   ✔

Want more opportunities from a lender you trust? Sure thing.  ✔

Want to Join the Keys Club?

We are looking for individuals who have:

  • At least 2 years of Real Estate experience.

  • At least 10 transactions closed to date. 

  • Strong work ethic, pushes themselves to be their best self. 

  • A love for real estate and helping people find the perfect home!

Keys By Equihome Webinar

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