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Our clients can vouch for our services. No matter the program, a financial decision with your home is no easy task. We take our clients' feedback to heart, and we will work directly with you to make your experience the same.

"I have known Rocky pretty much for my entire life. He helped my brother with his refinance. It was my brother’s idea to reach out to Rocky to see if he could help me get a lower interest rate. Initially, that was my main purpose for doing a refinance, and talking to Rocky he said “how about we consolidate your debt and you can save some monthly expenses”. I didn’t know much about consolidation and he explained it in great detail and laid it out for me. It ended up saving me a couple of hundred dollars a month by just consolidating my debt. For that, I am very very grateful and it was a very easy process. Any questions that I had or confusion that I had, I reached out to him or his assistant and they responded in a very timely matter explaining everything in great detail. I want to thank him and his team for helping me with my refinance and also helping me save on monthly expenses on my end. So thank you, Rocky!"

The Process

" The process was super easy. Rocky made it really easy to look at homes. We just gave him a list of things that were important to us and he was able to compile a list quickly of homes that we could view. He was super available to go look at them with us and when we went to go look at the model homes he was there to answer any questions that we had. He made sure to talk to the builders with us as well, so we made sure we were getting the best deal. Any questions we had even after hours, he was always accessible which was super nice since we were first-time homebuyers. Rocky is definitely the one to have behind you when you’re purchasing a house. "


"I would recommend Rocky to anybody looking to refi a home, sell a home, or purchase a home. I was fortunate enough to have Rocky do both for me. Not only did he sell my other home, but he also gave me some good tips and advice behind it. He advised what price point to be at and what offers we should except. He also made a really smooth transition of refinancing our new build as well. He was able to structure the loan of the sale and act as the broker through the whole entire process without us having to be the middleman between the bank. So in the end, Rocky is your man."

Our promise!

We promise to help you understand what's going on with your mortgage.  Underwriters, conditions, CD's, LE's, escrows, title and everything else, knowledge is power.  More than helping you get into a mortgage, we promise to give you the tools to become a knowledgable consumer and move forward into the mortgage world confidently.

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